Pastor and Family

On August 17, 1980, after being under deep conviction, Brother Terry Norris (having made a promise to his grandmother that he knew he couldn't break) went to church that Sunday morning, walked into the foyer, looked in the mirror and said "Today is the day, ole boy!" As the invitation was given he told his grandmother "I'll be back" and weeped his way to an old fashioned altar where he was gloriously saved!

That day changed his life eternally. Not long after his conversion the Lord started dealing with his heart about preaching the Word of God. In January of 1982 he surrendered to the call and made his call public.


In August of 1987 Brother Terry married his wife Becky. The Lord gave them two children, a son Jesse and a daughter Laura. Both are married now and serving the Lord faithfullly in Mayfield Creek Baptist Church.

In the spring of 1989 Brother Terry was called to pastor the Beacon Baptist Church in Lancaster, SC where he served faithfully for 17 years as Pastor and School Administrator.

In November 2005, the Mayfield Creek Baptist Church, absent a pastor, formed a pulpit committee and began praying and searching for a pastor. After five weeks of diligent prayer and seeking the Lord's will, the committee settled on the man they felt they were led to call. In an effort to confirm their decision they decided to seek counsel and call a dear friend of the church, evangelist Milford Biddle. Amazingly, Brother Biddle, when asked his feelings about our decision, answered he was preaching a meeting for him! He was elated with the decision and agreed to continue to pray with us as we moved forward.

Immediately, the committee made the call to Brother Norris to come and preach to us on the 15th of January, 2006. Brother Norris agreed to come knowing we were looking for a pastor. Unknown to the church, Brother Norris had told his wife Becky a year or so earlier that he felt like the Lord was going to move them, but didn't know where. Brother Norris preached both services that Sunday and met with the pulpit committee after the evening service where they conveyed their feelings that the Lord was impressing them as a group to call him as their next pastor. On the first Sunday in February, 2006, Brother Terry Norris stepped in the pulpit as Pastor of Mayfield Creek Baptist Church. The church had accepted the recommendation of the pulpit committee and the vote of the church was unanimous to accept Brother Terry as Pastor.

The Lord has blessed Mayfield Creek Baptist Church with a complete package, a I Tim 5:17 pastor who is worthy of double honor.